Our process.

The customer is central in our entire process. Throughout every step, you will be consulted and kept up to date. We’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers, and we’d love to add you to that list as well.


Step 1: let's talk!

The most crucial step. We believe the best results are created by working together with our clients from the start. Because we know our business — and you know yours.

Step 2: mold design

We design a 2D and/or 3D plan for the piece you want to create. We keep an eye on all the important parameters; impact on production, logistic and assembly.

Step 3: mold building

We work closely together with the mold builder to design and build the mold for your piece. You’ll be shown some test pieces for approval.

Step 4: fine tuning

We scale up the production to test the entire chain: production process, assembly, packaging and transport.

Step 5: production

When all is well, we’ll go on to creating your parts! Every order is confirmed in writing, and we keep track of every produced lot so we can always trace every part back to its raw materials.