We inject new life into your vision.

You need a reliable manufacturer for your plastic parts? Delta Plastics is subcontractor in plastic injection of technical parts and food packaging. This technology allows us to replicate quickly, reliably and in desired quantity your custom design by injecting various types of polymer in the appropriate mold. Delta Plastic’s expertise lies in operational flexibility.

A nimble player, backed by a powerful and large network.

We pride ourselves in being adaptable. Our organization, assets and culture are built around suppleness allowing us to provide dynamic responses to your specific needs of small series, multiple declination of a base product (e.g. color,…) , specific assembly, packaging or logistic challenges.

This is made possible by our organization built around specialists and a new building designed for an efficient flow. On top of that we are backed by J.C. Wibo & Partners. Their support allows us to stay focused on your operational needs.

Our process, at your service.

Our approach at Delta Plastics is different: our machines work for you, and not the other way around. Therefore, we always meet first and discuss the best way to tackle your problem, together. This alchemy is created by combining your product expertise with our knowledge of the machines, materials and process of injection molding. Because we truly believe the best solutions can only be created by working closely together.

Here’s how a typical production process looks at Delta Plastics:


1. let’s talk!

2. design

3. mold

4. fine-tuning

5. production