We are craftsmen, passionate about your success.

Quality, precision, flexibility, transparency and collaboration are just some of the service strengths that we’re proud to offer all our customers, both present and future. Our dynamic, motivated and responsive workforce is committed to providing a comprehensive solution — underpinned by our ISO 9001 quality certification. All are injection machines are equipped to transform polymers with glass fibers and high performance polymers (e.g. PEI, PPS,…).

Brand Clamping force Injection volume
Engel 45T 41 cm³
Engel 50T 99 cm³
Engel 75T 154 cm³
Engel 80T 154 cm³
Engel 80T 113 cm³
Engel 120T 251 cm³
Demag 150T 230 cm³
Krauss-Maffei 150T 340 cm³
Engel 400T 763 cm³

All moulds are stored in a separate storage room which is fire proof. The maintenance department is equipped for small maintenance and reparations of our moulds.

Combining innovation with experience.

Since our establishment in 1990 as division of Delta Extinctors, we have seen a steady expansion. Over the years, we’ve been adding to our inventory and experience, to better serve your needs. This lead to creating Delta Plastics as an independent injection molding company in 2013
to better serve our clients. The activities were transferred to our new location. In 2014 the refurbishing project of the new building was successfully finished. This investment allowed our crew to more efficiently organize our work as we disposed over a clear environment: a separate storage for raw material with central alimentation, an open production hall with a maintenance local attached to it and finally 800m² of storage for finished products with a room equipped for quality control.

J.C. Wibo & Partners

J.C. Wibo & Partners is a Belgian industrial investor with international experience. For 10 years J.C. Wibo & Partners has shepherded production and distribution companies to the top of their domain. In addition to financial resources, it offers companies and their management the long-term vision and added value they need to successfully develop their business.

J.C. Wibo & Partners injects years of management experience and international know-how. Because a strong company is not just about healthy finances. It mainly derives its strength from a solid management with a clear vision on modern entrepeneurship. This is exactly why J.C. Wibo & Partners consequently applies the Buysse code and chooses the expertise of independent managers. This guarantees concrete action items, strategic meetings about figures and processes and a rigorous follow-up of plans and objectives.